Saturday, December 27, 2008

We need a Warrior Saint!!

While Our Lady of Prompt Succor has performed miracles on behalf of New Orleans and has allegedly saved us from fires and hurricanes...

...I feel that in this post-Katrina era, we need a soldier...and Joan of Arc is just that soldier saint! Throughout the past centuries she has been used to unify not only the French, but any group in need of a fierce savior (see propaganda poster above from the First World War).

Her singularity of vision, defiance, and tenacity is an antidote to the apathy of New Orleans.

While we are getting together on January 6th to celebrate her birthday, recognized Twelfth Night and the Feast of the Epiphany and enjoy another beautiful excuse for a parade in the French Quarter, we cannot ignore the inspiration Joan can provide us.

She heard Voices and told them she didn't even know how to ride and had never been in war...but they told her to crown the Dauphin and save France, and she did! She was confident God would help her, and she fully believed in herself and her Voices...whatever you assume those to be.

While Katrina created many individual heroes and heroines who helped to save lives, homes, and spirits, and continue to do one has stepped forward with their (metaphorical) banner and sword to fight and unify us.

We have no true leader in New Orleans right now. May Joan of Arc bless and encourage us to find our own inner voice and unify our vision to conquer our "enemies" of crime, corruption, poverty, and indifference.

"Act, and God will act." St. Joan of Arc