Friday, December 5, 2008

Roles YOU can play in the Joan procession

As this parade/procession/event/moving theatrical performance continues to take shape, we encourage you to find a specific role to play. While we welcome anyone wearing Medieval/Renaissance costumes, here are some ideas:

NOTE: We will have a woman playing Joan on horseback and another playing Joan as prisoner and there will be someone playing Joan as a peasant girl when she first hears her Voices. We welcome others to come as Joan or one of the following characters:

1. Saint Catherine (one of Joan's voices)

2. Saint Margaret (one of Joan's voices)

3. Saint Michael (one of Joan's voices)

4. The Archbishop of Reims

5. A court page

6. The Dauphin (later Charles VII)

7. An executioner

8. English soldiers

9. Chaplains

10. Bishops

11. Earls

12. Captains

13. Knights

14. Peasants

15. Angels

16. The Virgin Mary