Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Maid of Orleans aka The Maid of Heaven

This event is coming together in magical ways because Joan means so much to so many people--from those who know have studied her for decades to those who know little more about her than the golden statue of her that they've passed in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

One person who has been a generous source of information, encouragement, and someone who has put me in touch with Joan admirers around the country is Ben Kennedy, who wrote a book about Joan called Maid of Heaven. He has an incredible website about Joan that I encourage you to visit:

Beyond the scholarship and dedication he has for Joan, he as connected me with a community of people like me who are fascinated, inspired, and uplifted by Joan of Arc.

It all makes me all the more excited and determined to make this into a Joan of Arc festival that can bring people like Ben here to New Orleans to celebrate and honor Joan!