Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We need a King!

I just finished reading Jean Anouilh's play The Lark and was reminded of Joan's primary mission: to make Charles VII the King of France. She was there at his coronation, and it was her most triumphant moment in her short life (inspiring Ingres, among others, to paint her at this proud moment: https://www.scholarsresource.com/browse/work/2144580200).

Once crowned, Charles abandoned her and did not come to her aid during her trial...he had no more use for her.

It would be great to have someone play Charles VII for our parade, to walk in between Joan the soldier and Joan the prisoner as a symbol of how she got from "there" to "here" and also to show her success...she did after all, do just what her Voices told her...here's an excerpt from her trial:

Q: What sign did you give to your King that you came from God?
A: The sign was that an Angel assured my King, in bringing him the crown, that he should have the whole realm of France, by the means of God's help and my labors, that he was to set me to work ... that is to say, to give me soldiers; and that otherwise he would not be so soon crowned and consecrated.
Q: Of what material was the said crown?
A: It is well to know it was of fine gold, it was so rich that I do not know how to count its riches or to appreciate its beauty. The crown signified that my King should possess the Kingdom of France.

http://www.re-quest.net/g2g/historical/trials/joan-of-arc/ Transcripts of Joan's trial

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_VII_of_France More about Charles VII