Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Joan, in her own words

If you want to hear the voice of Joan, I highly recommend Joan of Arc In Her Own Words, compiled and translated by Willard Trask. Because Joan's trial was diligently recorded, we have an excellent record of her sass, faith, focus, and frustration during the most harrowing time of her short life.

I am using her verbiage for 8 signs that I made to be "worn" by volunteer participants during the they don't blow away or get too annoying to hold, I'm making them into sandwich boards (they're foam core) with messages on either side. I painted them with simple big bold black letters, inspired by Bread and Puppet Theater's raw and earthy style ( I worked with Bread and Puppet in the early 1990s, as well as In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater and Underground Railway Theater. All share similar principles of inspiring social change through art.

May this be an inspiration to you, if you are still making your costume, thinking of handmade throws (obviously sized accordingly), or want to make some artwork to give out, leave at the statue, or share otherwise during the parade!

I think that words carried in silence can really add power to our moving you are more than welcome to bring more!