Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ideas for throws!

Several participants have had good luck getting inexpensive religious items to hand out to parade watchers as throws, including St. Joan prayer cards and medallions. Check out Discount Catholic Products via the link below:

There will be commemmorative throws of Italian hand-painted Saint Joan medallions being given out by

We want this to be a unique parade so we discourage throwing Mardi Gras beads. Make your throws unique and relevant, like:

1.small wooden crosses, like the one someone made for Joan to hold as she was being burnt at the stake.

2. birthday candles or something birthday related, since this is Joan's birthday!

3. matches or something related to flames...nothing dangerous, but something that references Joan's fate.

4. anything w/ the iconography associated with joan: fleur di lis, butterflies, swords...

Do your research and bring something that you wouldn't get at any other Mardi Gras parade!