Thursday, January 7, 2010

Candles instead of swords!

Thanks to Linda Friedlander, owner of Objets Trouves, for purchasing 598 candles for us to hand out for Joan's birthday AND to Janet Gisleson, new krewe member, for hand-numbering them to make them legitimate!

I love this image because it looks like someone saluting Joan (that's Blair Davis as our selected student Joan this year...see Maid of Honor contest info on with a candle rather than a blade!

Joan would appreciate this, as she claimed she carried her banner in place of a weapon. Yes, she DID have a sword (and we gave one to Blair as a gift from the krewe), and a special one at that (, but she claims to not have used it. As she said in her trial:

"I have told you often enough that I did nothing but by God's commandment. I bore this standard when we went forward against the enemy to avoid killing anyone. I have never killed anyone".

We celebrated life last night: the beginning of Joan's life and the beginning of Mardi Gras season, which is how we in New Orleans show the world our joi de vivre. By lighting a candle for Joan, we hoped to shed a little light on all the good things in our wonderful city. Thanks for sharing it with us and spreading the love!