Sunday, December 27, 2009


Willing to trade some muscle for krewe membership?

We have a hefty, historically authentic medieval cart that needs pulling...

It's the only thing resembling a float in our parade. But it needs human labor to get it going...this ain't no tractor pull...we're a walking parade with feet and horses and maybe a tiny wagon or two...

AND contrary to some misperceptions, we do have men and boys in our parade! It's by no means an all-female festivity...think about it. Joan's goal in life was to please God and crown the Dauphin the King of France. Along the way her comrades included the Bastard of Orleans and many many soldiers, pages, priests, and peasants.

In other words, Joan was surrounded by dudes and her success was largely due in part to them.

We still need and want more men to join and play any of the above roles...or even the ones not as friendly to Joan but still necessary to her history, like judges, bishops--even prison guards and executioners.

Contact Amy at if you want to join as any of the above--and if you're strong and willing to pull the cart with several others, we will waive your krewe membership!!!

(come on, it's only 8 blocks through the Quarter...)