Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Parade throws: Medallions, Swords, and more!

This year our signature throws will be handpainted Joan of Arc medallions provided by http://www.saintsforsinners.com/. These were our signature throws our inaugural year--and as we like to say, they weren't thrown! We are proud to be a walking krewe who hands out our few and thematic items (prayer cards, ceramic butterflies, matchbooks) with care--and sometimes on bended knee, as was the case w/ our medallion-giver Rob Clemenz last year!

NEW!!! We will also have 16 individually decorated wooden swords that our student "Maid of Honor" leading our parade will give out to parade-goers. These represent Joan's age of sixteen when she left home to fight the English, and the age she was when she found her legendary sword at the church of St. Catherine of Fierbois.

Another new special throw: Limited edition magnets with images of Saint Catherine, Saint Margaret, and Saint Michael (Joan's Voices) handmade by local Poor Clare Sister Rita, OSC, who sells her crafts at the Monastery gift shop Uptown on Henry Clay Avenue.