Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fabric Fans Unite! Free Costume Clinic January 3rd

Hands-on costume workshop at Joan of Arts Fete
visit www.joanofarcproject.org fete schedule for details
Come ready to sew or at least come ready to get inspired...bring any and all material you can get your hands on, from your old sheets to those red curtains and beige tablecloths you stuffed in a drawer four years ago and haven't touched since...bring the funky fabric and trim you inherited from your Aunt Susan, and any and all items that you can contribute to the cause of making medieval costumes cheaply. Sweatshirts, sweatpants welcome...we can turn those into medieval looking items too!!

(We're fortunate Joan was born in medieval times and is not a Renaissance gal. It makes costume making much simpler...)

Whether you are a hopeful Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc member, a current member still figuring out what to wear as you stroll down Chartres on Twelfth Night, or someone just interested in learning more about how to turn thrift store stuff into authentic, fun costumes, join us from 12 noon to 4:oo p.m. at the Bienville House hotel in the Board room, a lovely cozy room just off the hotel lobby in this French Quarter boutique hotel. Come to 320 Decatur Street and ask for the costume clinic! Bring any sewing supplies you can...we want to be sure there's plenty of scissors, thread, and tape measures to go around!
(and hey if you're reading this and don't give a damn about making a costume but have fabric or sheets or whatever we can use that you want to dump on us, please do! email amy at stjoankrewe@yahoo.com and she will gladly take it off your hands!!)