Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Louisiana Folklore Miscellany, the annual publication of the Louisiana Folklore Society, has published an article by Frank de Caro, with photographs by Rosan Jordan, including a full color back cover, on the 2010 St. Joan of Arc Parade and Project (as well as on the activities of another organization which began around the same time as the St. Joan Project, the Red Beans Social Aid and Pleasure Club).

The article is "Emerging New Orleans Mardi Gras Traditions: The St. Joan of Arc Parade and the Red Beans Krewe, 2010" and it appears in volume 20 (2010) of the Louisiana Folklore Miscellany and includes much background information as well as discussion of the parade.

The article will probably be available (without the photos) on-line within a year through the Web site of the Louisiana Folklife Program (, and copies of the publication can be ordered ($15.00 by check or money order made out to Louisiana Folklore Society, shipping and handling included; a limited number are available) from Carolyn Ware, Louisiana Folklore Miscellany, Department of English, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803.