Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joan: Calendar Girl!

We are honored, flattered and totally psyched! to have been selected as the January feature for the comprehensive and cool totally homegrown LOUISIANA FESTIVALS AND EVENTS CALENDAR published by Tatooed Lady Publishing of New Orleans.
Do you have YOUR copy yet? It's a great way to stay abreast of all parades, festivals, and events throughout the state: from our comrades the Phunny Phorty Phellows, who walk Uptown on Twelfth Night, to the Hot Air Balloon Championships in Baton Rouge in August...from the Alligator Festival in Luling in September to the Renaissance Fair in Hammond in November...etc!! It's no wonder my friend Rachel is trying to get the state coined "The Festival State".
Four photographs of the Joan of Arc Parade 2010 taken by Kim Welsh were selected by this year's editor Lydia Benson for the January 2011 page. Two of them feature Fred Klotz, aka "The Bastard of Orleans" who with his wife Caye Mitchell, our official and original Joan of Arc, leads our parade each year clad in armor--much of it hand-designed by him!
Our parade would not be what it is without the leadership of Caye and Fred. Thanks to you both for being our steadfast warriors!!
I'm so glad that the Bastard is pictured in this promotion for the krewe not only because he is AWESOME but because it shows that ah-hem! Dudes! We welcome you and encourage you to walk with us!
(I repeat: This is not, never has been, never will be a female only krewe!! Contrary to the assumption that it is so! Joan fought for, with, and among men! And, er, ah-hem! was put to death by them! So we gotta have men in our krewe to represent! Come as knights, monks, peasants, priests, Saints...there are many relevant medieval characters to choose from! Have I made it clear we want you, need you and love you boyz???)
Others pictured in this colorful January calendar spread include the ravishing Blair Davis, our first annual Maid of Honor ("student" Joan of Arc) selected for our 2010 parade. Next to her is her page, Ty, whom she selected to hand our her 16 hand-decorated wooden swords. In the lower right hand corner is parade founder (yours truly) Amy Kirk Duvoisin, sans the heretic hat!
Thanks to Lydia and the Tatooed Lady for giving us this extraordinary exposure and reminding people throughout the first month of the year that we are the first parade of the season!
Go out and get your copy at the 15 current retail locations in the NOLA area carrying them. For the listing of stores and more information visit