Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Some of you have written that you can't find us on Facebook...that's because we are listed under our official LLC "umbrella organization" name, THE JOAN OF ARC PROJECT.

When I founded the group, I always knew we would be more than just a intent was to utilize the parade as the most public and accessible facet of our group and to build other events (community events supporting everything from the New Orleans Saints to protesting the BP oil spill), conferences (Joan of Arts Fete), and other types of gatherings (i.e., our book group) around the theme of Joan of Arc and what she means to our city and to our citizens.

For this reason, we're listed in a variety of ways..."Joan of Arc Parade", "Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc", and our original krewe name "St. Joan of Arc Krewe". Basically if you try to find us through searching for "Joan of Arc" and "New Orleans" we should pop up!

Please become our friend on Facebook, "like" us or "fan" us and follow us! I post regularly on that site and it's probably the best way to stay most updated, although our website has good general information as well.

Thanks for seeking us out!