Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photos from the Heart(land)

Photos above by Gene Traas; those below by Laura Traas

Wisconsians Gene and Laura Traas travel someplace warm each New Year--someplace warmer, at least, than Wisconsin in the dead of winter. The year they visited New Orleans for this annual January escape happened to be our inaugural parade year. Since then, their new January tradition is to come to New Orleans to see our parade, photograph it, and enjoy the city surrounding the golden statue of Joan. No more looking at the map and thinking about other relatively warm places. We are it, in spite of our propensity for chilly Twelfth Nights.

Lucky for us, each year the Traases become more involved with the krewe. This year, they volunteered their services as "bartenders" at our krewe post-parade party. I was desperate for someone to pour our mulled wine, donated drinks, and help with the champagne toast. They heard my plea via a few online and email postings (via their $10 donation as Bastard and Maid, they were added to our krewe e-list) and happily agreed to join in the fun. Several hours later, Laura stood guard of the liquor while Gene showed off his cowbell talents with medieval musicians Wolgemut...more evidence that no matter where you end up while on a visit to New Orleans, you're guaranteed to have more fun than you would in your hometown--or most other cities on earth.

Thanks T2 for being so generous of heart and talents--and for visiting our city during a time where our hotels and restaurants and shops are very glad to receive you!! (Hint, hint...if you are out of town and looking for a good time to visit New Orleans...take a hint from these two and come at a less expensive, more insider time..kick off Mardi Gras season with us and miss the madness..if that's your thing! If you are reading this, it just might be!) Check out the Christmas New Orleans Style calendar to see all the cool free holiday stuff you can do--concerts, cooking demos, special Reveillon dinners, and more. The Joan of Arc parade is proud to be included as the "final" CNOS event of the it should be. Twelfth Night officially ends Christmastime, and Carnival time begins...