Friday, January 7, 2011

Alms for Joan!

Dear Friends of the Joan of Arc Parade:

Your presence last night meant the world to our still-young krewe honoring the not-so-young (599 years old!) Joan of Arc. Hundreds of citizens--locals and tourists, French and English, American and New Orleanian (ha!)--lined the French Quarter streets to show their love for the Maid of Orleans, to get some cool throws, honor our French heritage, hear great medieval music, and eat the first king cake of the season with us.

Several people came up to me asking how they could get in touch and offer donations. I regret that I have a rather medieval website (this blog and that does not have a Paypal option yet set up. So if you were one of these folks--or one of the many others who just came up to say "thank you for doing this--for Joan and for our city!" or "This is my favorite parade!" or "I have seen you since the beginning and love how you keep building each year!" and you want to show your gratitude by ensuring we continue to grow and make more and other costumes, have more and other Joans,continue to offer king cake and Goldschlagger to the public, expand the route (maybe) and do other Joan related events throughout the year...we welcome your gifts!

Please email me at or send a note or alms to our P.O. Box (made payable to our LLC, The Joan of Arc Project):

P.O. BOX 56815

We are a small krewe with minimal dues and many hardworking folks who donate their time to make costumes, throws, banners, food, and general merriment. If you want to see us shine on and to make Joan's 600th birthday (2012) as spectacular as it (she) deserves, please consider offering us your support in this way. After all, Joan was a peasant who ended up with a horse, sword, army, banners and quite elegant battle outfits--because she asked for them! (In some cases, she demanded them...but since our cause is not quite as dire as saving France nor urged by imploring voices from Heaven...we are just going to post this gentle nudge and opportunity!)