Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TV for Francophiles!

I went to an event last night announcing of the arrival of TVMonde5, an all-French cable channel, on Cox Cable. It was wonderful to be around local French leaders, citizens, fans and enthusiasts all sharing excitement about something new and positive that reflects our shared love of French heritage and culture (and in my case, French films in particular! When an image of Catherine Deneuve flashed across the screen, I knew I was get to see French films without going to NYC, the Harvard Film Archive, the occasional TMC showing, or renting from the meager options at video stores or the library, is just too cool).

The station will showcase French culture in Louisiana, as well as air French films, documentaries, sitcoms, cooking shows and more--with English subtitles (whew!).

Here's more info:

Of course, I'll be pitching them to feature our 2011 St. Joan of Arc Parade!