Saturday, February 6, 2010

Joan, Intercede (Intercept) for Us!

Prayer composed by Andre J. Duvoisin, as a nod to battle prayers of yore...

Read aloud by over 100 people at the Joan of Arc statue at New Place de France today, led by our 2010 St. Joan Parade "Maid of Honor" Blair Davis. We were serenaded to the statue by Treme Brass Band, second-lining with Saints fans, with Joan in front, flanked by two boys dressed as "medieval football players" (aka my stepsons!) will be posted soon..

After the prayer was read, Treme Brass Band played When the Saints Go Marching In, culminating in another WHO DAT battle cry, and several people left offerings at Joan's statue, including flowers, beads, penants, prayers, and candles.


Jeanne d'Arc we come to you as Maid of Heaven and instrument of righteousness.We pray for your grace and blessings on behalf of our city, our team, our players, and ourselves on this eve of battle. We ask for your wisdom--through St. Margaret, St. Catherine, and St. Michael the Archangel--to guide our coaches, that they think clearly, plan tirelessly, and act decisively, and to shield our players from the violent intentions of the enemy. Help them to remember their training and to apply those lessons to the swift defeat of our opponent. We appeal to your sense of divine justice and leadership, as the Maid of Orleans, to grant us this final victory. Saint Joan, Please Bless our Boys! Amen! Who Dat!