Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank you NOCCA students!

Last night, New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts student performers Victoria Summrall, Dean Wray, Dominique Dixon, Sean O’Brien, and Stephen Bertucci presented excerpts from George Bernard Shaw's SAINT JOAN as a prelude to the open discussion of the full-length play at the St. Joan of Arc Book Club. The student presentation was directed and arranged by their teacher, Assistant Department Chair Theatre Arts and local actress Janet Shea.

It was truly amazing and inspiring (as well as educational) to see these young people embody Joan, the Dauphin, and the Bastard of Orleans. The two scenes they presented were excellent examples of Joan's ability to persuade, coax, and bully these very different men (an ineffectual Dauphin and an accomplished soldier) into doing what she wanted and needed! Or, rather, what her Voices told her to do!!

It was especially cool to see youth portray often it's actors a decade older than Joan who take on Shaw's work and other plays about Joan. Their vitality and earnestness made the pieces seem particularly authentic.

The students and book club members had a lively discussion after the presentation, made so by the variety in ages and perspectives. Thanks to NOCCA for this special experience. We can't wait to find additional ways to partner and showcase your talented students' work!!!