Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joan for Mayor T-Shirts are a reality!

Look for these tshirts to be on sale exclusively at POP CITY across from the Joan of Arc statue at St. Phillip and Decatur Streets. Partial proceeds benefit The Joan of Arc Project and krewe members will receive a discount. These will be on sale by Labor Day weekend. Email any special orders to me at

I really have Brad Pitt to thank for this..if a well-meaning Hollywood actor can be nominated for New Orleans mayor and have a tshirt made for him, why can't we run our unofficial patron saint of the City? After all, she's got a statue. Brad just has tshirts.

(Who knows, it's possible that in the end Joan endorses Brad...we'll have to wait and see what her Voices say..she had the power to get the Dauphin crowned, remember? Behind every good male candidate is...)

Thank you Tom Harvey for the awesome design! And thank you Rhonda at Pop City for being our tshirt goddess!