Friday, July 10, 2009

Joan of Arc for Mayor of New Orleans!

Today in the Quarter I saw some people sporting "Brad Pitt for Mayor" t-shirts.

But I have a better idea.

Why not Joanie on the Pony for Mayor? Why not someone who stands for something? Why not a fierce female who is honest rather than so many of our politicians who couldn't hold a flame to her?
How about a 598-year-old female who knows how to fight and believes in herself and can inspire rather than embarrass? Why not a leader who doesn't care for money or glory and who obeys her own Voices? Last year an Oklahoma town elected a 19 year old for Mayor...Joan was 19 when she died and she'd already saved her country and crowned a King. Quite a resumé.
Could she be any worse than any living politician? I think not. So I say...let the games begin. Joan for Mayor. Write her in!