Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beautiful story of a recent Joan of Arc tour

We will only be "touring" about six blocks of the French Quarter on our walk from Conti to St. Phillip Streets (along Decatur Street) but my Google alerts caught this heartwarming story of a father and daughter who just returned from a tour of Joan's hometown (Domremy) and some sites of her battles (Orleans) and her death (Rouen).

What's so great is that the trip was inspired by his daughter, a twelve-year-old girl from New Hampshire!

I look forward to presenters at next year's event who will talk about the tours/pilgrimages they lead to France...just one of the many things that will be discussed when we plan a festival leading up to the parade: film, plays, music, lectures, and contests of all varieties...I hope that representatives from France can join us as well.

(In my early twenties, I went to Rouen to see where Joan's life ended...there's a church built in her honor near the spot she was burnt, meant to resemble flames...image above, info below!)